Pet Information Articles

With some help from their humans, even pets can reduce their carbon paw print!
A fenced-in yard with room to play and explore might seem like the ideal sanctuary for your pet, but there are dangers every pet owner should be aware of.
This cat tent is the purr-fect DIY choice for cat lovers! Giving your cat a little place of their own or an occasional kitty hideout, doesn’t have to involve many materials, take long or be expensive.
Every dog has its day and many dog owners will agree that their day of good fortune came when they welcomed a canine companion into their lives.
If the roar of a thunderstorm or the crackling of fireworks sends your pet into an anxious frenzy, this article is for you.
A snuffle mat is an easy to make homemade toy that provides your dog or cat with the opportunity to sniff and search their way through fleece strips in search of kibble or treats.
There’s nothing more exciting then bringing home a new puppy for the first time!
Looking to raise a politer pooch or courteous cat? It all starts with practicing proper etiquette when at the veterinary office.
Keep your pets paw pads protected from winters harsh elements with this all-natural and easy DIY paw protector using only four ingredients!
If you ever thought that the kiss from your dog was originating from a mouth that was pristine clean, nothing could be further from the truth.