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Every dog has its day and many dog owners will agree that their day of good fortune came when they welcomed a canine companion into their lives. Sure, they decorate our carpets with muddy paw prints and make meals out of our favourite shoes, but most dog owners can agree that the benefits of dog ownership make the occasional hiccups well worth it. If you’re thinking of welcoming a dog into your home for the very first time, here are some of the many perks that you can look forward to:

1. Physical Fitness

It’s no secret that dogs make excellent workout buddies. Some days, it may even feel like your dog is taking you for a walk! Dogs aren’t the only ones that require daily play and exercise. So, do you! Your heart will thank you for the extra physical activity that will keep you in tip-top shape.

Even better? According to some studies, dog owners experience less health problems and end up living longer than people without a pet. So, go ahead and give your dog an extra big hug. It’s good for your health!

2. Happy Days

Dogs are a real mood booster. Seriously! Research shows that the simple act of petting a dog or even looking into those puppy dog eyes can soothe a stressed mind. Your dog’s daily routine is also a huge motivation to get out of bed when you’re feeling depressed. Taking care of your dog gives you a sense of purpose that can help pull you out of a dark time in your life.

3. Social Circle

Your dog can help you expand your social circle. Dogs make it easy to meet new people at the dog park, obedience classes, in your neighbourhood, the local dog café, and even at the vet clinic. You may even make a connection online through a dog lovers social media group. Each interaction you have helps you feel a stronger connection to the larger dog owner community.

4. Bring Your Dog to Work

Looking to boost employee morale? Bring your dog to work! Fido may not be able to nail that pitch in the boardroom, but what he can do is lower stress levels and improve your employees’ moods. You can find our tips for bringing your dog to work here.

5. Sense of Security

Watch out burglars! Known for their superb hearing abilities, dogs make an excellent addition to your home security system. Even if your gentle hound wouldn’t hurt a fly, their startled bark could be enough to deter burglars and other intruders. Plus, having a dog in the house will make you feel safer and sleep better at night.

6. Part of the Family

The whole family benefits from having a dog in the house. Children can develop stronger empathy, nurturing skills, and a sense of responsibility. Not to mention gaining a loyal friend! The bond between animals and children is truly special.

Once you’ve experienced a dog’s unconditional love, it’s hard to imagine living your life without one. If you’ve been on the fence about getting a dog, we hope this list has made a compelling case for welcoming one into your life!