Champions of Pet Owner Happiness


We’re pet people – just like you.

We know all about the happiness pets bring. With every nuzzle, we marvel at how their paws can leave such big prints on our lives.

We’re also people people.

We thrive on the magic that happens when we’re all in it together, sharing our experiences and expertise.

That’s why, at Pet Plus Us, we’re on a crusade to champion pet owner happiness. Because if we can make pet owners in Canada just a tiny bit as happy as our pets make us, OUR tails will be wagging.

About Pets Plus Us

Pets Plus Us is powered by our growing team of passionate pet people. So, when your dog or cat needs us – or when YOU need us – we’ll be there. That’s what community is all about.

Our brand is equal parts community, membership and pet insurance coverage, all created to empower and inform responsible pet ownership and pet health.

Community – the power of connection

Pet people understand the importance of “us”. We know no other way. That’s why we’re building the Pets Plus Us Community.

When you become a member in our supportive community of Canadian pet owners, you can truly share the joys, challenges and responsibilities of pet ownership. You’ll be engaged, and armed with timely information, tools and all the resources you need to make responsible decisions for your pet’s well-being, every day.

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