When was the last time an insurance company made you feel great? Put a smile on your face? Made your best friend wag his tail or purr louder? Our job is to make that happen. 

How do we make pets and their owners happier?

First of all, we’re not all about insurance. We’re equal parts community, coverage and membership. Yes, the insurance part pays for our best friends’ kibble, but it doesn’t rule the pack.

Our crusade is for happier, healthier pets

We're building a community that empowers and informs responsible pet ownership. That helps you deal with the joys and challenges of pet ownership. And supports people and organizations who loyally serve pets.

When your dog or cat needs us -- when you need us – we’ll be there

Our service really is paws-itively outrageous. You’re a Member, not a customer, and you should think of us as service animals. Like your best friend, we help take away worries, and even provide comfort and counselling when you’re concerned or grieving for a pet.

We’re pet lovers and people lovers

We know how important best friends are – feline, canine and human. They have your back. They look out for your interests and consider your needs alongside their own. That’s our model at Pets Plus Us – we’ll try to be the insurance company your pet needs us to be: dedicated pet lovers, working for pets and their owners.


To make our pet owners happy, we’re going to do what our pets do and follow our instincts. We have five of them to guide our behaviour and help us succeed in our crusade.

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When we make a promise to be a pet owner’s best friend, it’s not something we take lightly. So what does being a pet owner’s best friend mean?

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