Pet Information Articles

Holiday gift giving can be tricky. Start by checking out our top 10 gift ideas for pets and the humans that love them!
It’s not just about sporting the latest in canine or even feline couture. It’s about picking the right pieces that will protect your pet from the harsh conditions brought on by the winter weather!
Pets can be blood donors just like humans. In fact, a pint of blood can save up to four lives!
If you’re looking for a sample of the best reads for pet lovers, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our picks for the best cold weather pet reads.
There’s no special equipment required with these tips! Just grab your phone, watch your pet closely, have patience and start shooting!
Like chiropractic care for humans, its canine-focused counterpart is a natural approach to treating a number of spinal-related conditions. So, is this holistic approach to care right for your dog? Keep reading to find out!
While all pets experience the effects of rising temperatures, senior animals require special care in warmer weather. After all, they’re more susceptible to heatstroke.
Learn more about the difference a mobile groomer can make on your dog or cat’s appearance as well as their overall well-being.
Sit back and watch all of your neighbours' tails wag with envy, with this super cute DIY pet lovers project!
What exactly are the Dog Days of Summer anyway? You’ve likely heard the famous phrase in popular culture or even in casual conversation. But where did this expression come from?