Giving Back

There are many worthwhile companion animal charities in Canada, and Pets Plus Us is happy to be able to support them – both locally and nationally. We are very proud of the work being done in communities across the country, by people like you.

How We Give

At Pets Plus Us, we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the pet health community in Canada. We contribute throughout the year to organizations, both financially and through donation of space, resources and staff time. The Pets Plus Us ‘pack’ has a long history of working with pets and pet professionals – from volunteer clinics to shelters and other local organizations that promote the health and well-being of companion animals. We think this commitment is important, and our staff receives time off to work in the community with the charities of their choice.

Finally, we make tribute donations in honour of each pet covered by Pets Plus Us pet insurance when they pass away.

Choose to Give

When you purchase a Pets Plus Us pet insurance policy, you’ll have the opportunity to top up your monthly premium with a donation in support of one of these valuable organizations. You’ll be given the choice of regional and national charities, depending on where you live. We transfer 100% of the funds donated directly to the charity of your choosing.

In Memorium

If you have Accident & Illness, you’ll also have the opportunity to select the charity of your choice for your tribute donation, should your pet pass away.

Who We Support

Pets Plus Us supports various pet charities across Canada.