Pet Information Articles

Dr. Sperry, DVM, gives insight into sleeping in pets – form A to Zzzz!
At the start of the year, we asked our community to 'paws' and reflect on what their pets would like to achieve this year.
Can my pet catch a cold? Our veterinarian discusses everything you want to know about colds and COVID-19 in pets.

Type II diabetes is a common disease in cats (1).  It is an illness that occurs when the body loses its ability to manage sugar (glucose) levels in the blood properly. Decreased physical activity, increased carbohydrate intake, and obesity are all factors that predispose pet cats to diabetes.

Give your cat’s toy stash an autumnal feel with these DIY catnip stuffies!
Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides the facts on a common illness “Lepto” for dogs.
Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides best practices on how to find the right pet for your family.
With more people opting to travel within their own countries, many more pets are being included in the family travel plans.
We’ve taken the guess work out of adding up how much it really costs, on average, to care for your four-legged family member(s) in our annual Cost of Care report.
House-soiling is one of the top reasons that people surrender or re-home their cats.