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How to Make the Purrfect Cat Garden

Keeping an indoor cat happy and healthy, not only means providing them with proper nutrition and regular veterinary visits, but it also means keeping their environment enriched.

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Dog looking into front seat from back of car

Top Car Safety Tips for Pets

Planning on hitting the open road with your pet this summer? You won't want to leave home without first making sure your precious cargo is safe.

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Top Tips for Going Green With Your Pet

If we're all sharing this planet together, we should work to make the Earth a better place for all of us - furry friends included. Check out our tips for going green with your pet.

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Children's hands petting dog's head

Teach Your Kids How to Approach Unknown Dogs

Kids have a special bond with their pets, but we can't take that for granted and forget about playing safe, especially with dogs that are not ours.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Fascinating Facts About Parasites

Did you know fleas can jump up to 110 times their length? Learn more fascinating facts about pet parasites here!

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Dog catching frisbee in mid-air

Could Your Dog Benefit From Agility Training?

Agility training is a full body (and mind) workout for both you and your pooch.

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Safety Tips For Walking Your Dog

We cannot neglect the importance of keeping our dogs physically active and mentally stimulated all year long.

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Dog cookies laid out on a tray

Coconut & Cranberry DIY Dog Cookies

These dog cookies are not only delicious, but they are healthy too.

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Skin, Coat and Paw Care For Dogs This Winter

Matted hair, dry paws, and irritated skin are just some of the effects that cold temperatures can have on our furry friends. Read on for our best skin, coat, and paw care tips for winter weather.

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Tips to Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive

During the grieving process, everyone copes in different ways, but it can be helpful to take the time to reflect on your life together and find a meaningful way to remember them.

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