Pet Information Articles

Although Halloween is exciting time for most of us, it can be a confusing and stressful experience for pets. Follow these tips to ensure your pets – and trick-or-treaters – stay happy and healthy this Halloween.
While many pet owners think to play regular games that stimulate their dogs, cats are often overlooked. ‘Fetch’ may not be in the cards, but there’s still a variety of unique and fun games you can play with your cat.
Cat beds can be a popular item when seeking comfort if placed in an appealing location. Here are a few tips on where to place a bed to increase the chance of it being used.
two leashed dogs playing on a beach with their owners
Do you have a pup who loves spending time on the beach? Before you grab your beach towels and frisbees, let's dive into some "pet-iquette" to make the most of your summer adventures.

As pet owners, we know it’s officially spring the day we let our dog outside for a bio-break and he's not right back jumping at the door in a few freezing cold seconds.

Just like the social conventions humans adhere to, there’s also socially-accepted behaviour (or ‘pet-iquette’) for our pets