Member Testimonials

Artax sitting in field

ARTAX - $2,130 Paid for 5 Claims

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you and only you to new pet owners as a must have!


CALI - $1,744 Claim for Various Health Issues

My dog Cali has had so many problems and is still fighting pneumonia and several other problems. We would not have been able to keep her with out going into debt if it was not for your company...


DAISY - $2,393 Claim for Toxic Ingestion

When our sweet little dog Daisy was less than 3 months old she ate some toxic plants and became very ill. We had to take her to the emergency veterinary clinic where she was assessed, medicated, and kept overnight for monitoring...

Kaddie and family with Santa

KADDIE - $1,332 Claim for Dehydration

Our cat Kaddie was a rescue kitten that was 6 months old when we got her. Kaddie had her 1 year annual checkup and was in good health. To our surprise, Kaddie stopped eating and drinking shortly after our visit...


LARRY - $4,482 Claim for Heel Fracture

My name is Larry and this summer I had a bad accident at the Dog Park. I ended up with a bad heel fracture and when my owners took me to the vet...


MIA - $4,507 Total Claims for G.I. Issues + Cancer

The rubber really hit the road when Mia was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At the time, our oncologist gave her 4 weeks to live without a nearly $5,000 chemotherapy treatment that wouldn't cure her but only extend her life a little bit...


SHEILA - $665 Claim for Behavioural Issues

Sheila is an adorable one year old bulldog we inherited from our son. He found her too reactive...


ARCHIMEDES - $1,736 Paid for Extreme Weight Loss

Let me tell you, that right there is why they are the best. They care.

Dora the dog

Dora - $1,056 Paid for 4 Claims

They do their best to not only look after our pets, but also to take the best care of us...


Wilson - $4,569 Claim for Falling 8 Stories

On Aug 5th, Wilson's curiosity got the better of him when he took a walk out of my apartment window and walked along the ledge. Unfortunately, the ledge was too small...


Lily - $8,955 Paid for 21 Claims

We have been clients of Pets Plus Us for just over a year and have had excellent service. Whenever I made phone calls with questions I was treated with respect and understanding and...

Jack and Family

JACK - $708 Claim for Ibuprofen Toxicity

Our little Jack Russel Terrier puppy Jack who had always been in perfect health and pretty good at staying out of trouble, unexpectedly got into a bottle of ibuprofen one evening while we were out to dinner...


KONA - $6,470 Claim for Fractured Leg

My five month old Italian Greyhound, Kona, was at a doggie day care recently when she fractured her front left leg. She was taken to the nearest clinic where her leg was put in a splint...