Pet Information Articles

Have you ever met a cat or dog that doesn’t like peanut butter? We certainly haven’t! In honour of Peanut Butter Cookie Day, we have compiled a few homemade treat recipes for you to make for your pets.
This is the time of year when many people get excited about camping. That being said, there are some key safety tips that you should keep in mind when camping with your dog.
Cats need plenty of daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. Does your cat exercise enough?
When your dog’s opportunities for active play become limited, the results can be bad for both you and your dog. Here's some useful tips to help ensure a healthy dog exercise routine.
With significant improvements in terms of food, veterinary care and living conditions, our pets’ life expectancy has been greatly extended.
Watch your pets near these items during Easter. Chocolate for dogs and lilies for cats are just two examples.
Cats are great. They’re cute, cuddly and affectionate, but we all know cats have all kinds of personalities, and some cats are nicer than others. All cats – naughty or nice – need space once in a while. Follow these tips to teach your children how to be safe around cats:
You and your four-legged buddy are living the high life in a cozy apartment. What could be better? As long as you make sure your neighbours and landlord are as happy as you are with the arrangement.
How much does it really cost in the first year of owning a puppy? View our infographic to find out.
We love our pets, but let’s face it, they can be messy! When you have pets, finding ways of staying on top of fur, dander and dirt is important.