Suit Up! Winter and Cold Weather Wear for Pets

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The winter season is upon us. That means salt covered walkways and bitterly cold walks await our pets! Is your pet suited up to withstand the elements? You might be thinking, “Clothes for pets? Seems pretty silly.” However, when you consider the number of breeds whose light coats make the winter weather a struggle, a warm pet-sized sweater starts to make a lot of sense!

It’s not just about sporting the latest in canine or even feline couture. (Although the options are often just as fashionable as human clothing!) It’s about picking the right pieces that will protect your pet from the harsh conditions brought on by the winter weather.

Of course, winter wear isn’t just for braving the great outdoors. Maybe your pet is joining you for a holiday soiree, some nibbles at the local dog cafe, or just wants to show up fashionably late to the vet. Luckily there are plenty of options that balance fashion, function, and comfort.

With new dog clothing brands cropping up every day, wading through the endless options may seem overwhelming. Here are some winter wardrobe basics to get you started.


Is there any winter look more iconic than the knitted sweater? We think not. From the classic cable knit to the ugly holiday sweater, there’s a top to match the personal style of any pet. Wool is an obvious albeit itchy choice. Pets with sensitive skin may fare better in a “blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic” (PetMD). 

Coats & Jackets

Who says pet clothes can’t be fashionable and functional? For shorthaired dog breeds like the Greyhound, a winter coat is more than a fashion statement. It’s essential to keeping warm when the temperature drops! Pet stores now have extensive collections of pet clothing including outerwear like jackets and coats for pets of all sizes. For the adventurous pup, look for water and weatherproof options that can withstand the elements. Just be sure that your pet can still move comfortably while wearing it.

Winter Booties

Salt may be convenient for dealing with ice and snow, but it’s especially damaging to our pet’s precious paws. If your pet doesn’t mind, booties are a great way to prevent frostbite and damage to their delicate paw pads.

Scarves & Accessories

Maybe your pet isn’t one to make a serious fashion statement. No problem. Accessories are a great way for your pet to express their sense of style without the bulk of added clothing. A scarf could be the perfect finishing touch to your pet’s winter ensemble. Finicky, but fashion-forward felines may find that a festive collar or bowtie is the purr-fect way to accessorize during the holidays.


Okay, these won’t hold up in the cold, but they sure are cute! Plus, just imagine planning your next holiday family photo complete with matching PJs for all!

Bonus Tip: Check the Measurements

Before you buy, you’ll want accurate measurements of your pet’s neck, chest, and waist (PetMD). Remember, anything you put on your dog should fit snugly, but not too tight. If your pet isn’t ready to commit to a winter fashion statement, don’t force them to wear something that they aren’t completely comfortable in. Otherwise, you may have an abominable snow pup on your hands!

We hope these cold weather options will inspire you and your pet to brave the cold in style. With your pet suited up, you’ll both be ready to take on whatever the winter season throws at you!