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Dog with tick on head

Parasite Prevention During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Ensure parasite prevention is a priority this season, even during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Jack Russell rips up pillow on couch

Pet Cams Are Pricey — But Are They Worth It?

Peek at your pet from wherever you are without spending too much moola.

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Veterinarian holding two small dogs

Meet Dr. Jennifer Sperry, Pets Plus Us Veterinary Advisor

While we’ve always had veterinary medical professionals as part of our team, we’re happy to announce that veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Sperry, BSc, DVM has recently joined our growing pack!

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Companion Animals and Coronavirus (Covid-19) – An Update

Some impressive progress has been made in investigating the companion animal role in this disease, but there are still many questions left to be answered.

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Dog seeking attention from owner

How To: Social Isolation With Your Pets

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we understand that self-isolation and social distancing is difficult and disrupts the normal routine you share with your pets. Pets Plus Us brings you 10 things you can do to help make this time easier for yourself and your cats and dogs.

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Tabby cat sitting on owner's laptop

Working From Home: Tips From the Cat

With the outbreak of COVID-19, many people are working from home for an extended period of time to practice social distancing and keep the population safe. Pets Plus Us brings you 5 tips from the cat expert on working from home and maintaining a healthy and happy routine.

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COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and Your Furry Family

When news of a new and unpredictable virus overwhelms the headlines, our instincts to protect ourselves and our loved ones activate. In the early days of an epidemic, it’s hard to know how to respond. But your veterinarian is your best source of reliable information.

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Covid-19 and Pets

Protecting Your Pets During the Pandemic

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Dog being mentally stimulated

Help Your Pet Hit a Pot of Gold With This DIY

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this Pot of Gold–inspired snuffle mat.

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Woman petting two dogs

How to Be Your Pet Sitter's Favourite Client

Your dog or cat is pretty special. Here’s how to help your pet sitter out so they can focus on meeting your dog or cat’s unique needs.

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