Top 10 Gifts For Pets And Their Parents

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Holiday gift giving can be tricky. How do you find the perfect present for each person on your nice list? You can start by checking out our top 10 gift ideas for pets and the humans that love them.

1. FurboFor the pet and human attached at the hip.

What shenanigans do our pets get up to when we leave the house? It sounds like the plot of a family friendly animated movie, but with Furbo, you can actually find out! You’ll get a front row seat to the show and your pet is the star! With two-way audio and video, you and your pet will feel more connected than ever. The coolest part? It’s also a treat-dispenser. (For added fun, be sure to follow the #CaughtOnFurbo hashtag on social media.)

2. Tractive GPS TrackerFor the pet parent that wants peace of mind.

For some pets, a lust for adventure and exploring is in their nature. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of anxiety for pet parents. Some pets are more likely to go missing than others. With a Tractive GPS Tracker, you can give the gift of ultimate peace of mind. The owner attaches the GPS tracker to the dog’s collar and then monitors their whereabouts in real-time using an app on their smartphone. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

3. iDigFor the dog that needs a real boredom buster.

From the makers of iFetch (an automatic ball launcher) comes the first-ever digging toy for dogs! iDig is perfect for digging enthusiasts. Load it with hidden treasures like smaller toys or treats and let the fun begin! Now, dogs can enjoy all the benefits of carefree digging without the destructive and dirty mess!

4. PetSafe Dart™ Laser Cat ToyFor the cat that loves the thrill of the chase.

Meet Dart: an automatic rotating laser light that cats will go bananas over. Place it on the floor, set the speed and timer, and get ready for playtime. Wait, there’s more! This feline boredom buster also doubles as an exercise device. Dart is 360-degrees of fun!

5. HandsOn GlovesFor the DIY pet groomer.

Here’s a gift that will make pets and their parents happy. Grooming gloves and mitts are a great alternative to traditional brushes. HandsOn Gloves can even be used on wet or dry hair. The pet gets a gentle brushing and the owner can remove excess dog hair that was bound to end up on their clothes (and just about everywhere else). Win-win!

6. The Pebby Smart Ball For the pet tech-obsessed human.

Know someone that follows the latest and greatest in pet tech? Introduce them to Pebby. This smart collar and ball system is truly something else! Pebby gives pet parents the power to watch, play with, and communicate with their pet from afar. It even comes with a remote-controlled laser to entertain cats! Pebby is available for pre-order now.

7. Wildbeest Dog Starter Kit For the first-time pet parent.

Welcoming a new pup into your household can be exciting and just a tad bit overwhelming (especially if you’ve never had a dog before). Make the transition easier for new pet parents by gifting them a Dog Starter Kit. Wildbeest’s pack offers all the essentials: a collar, leash, to-go bowl, and more!

8. Custom Vintage Regal Pet PortraitFor the human that treats their pet like royalty.

We all know that one pet parent that loves to pamper their dog or cat. Why not give them a gift that cements their pet’s place as king or queen of the house?  Etsy sellers will “digitally paint your pet's head onto the bust of your painting of choice.” Once you send in a pet photo, the artist will get to work. The result: a one-of-a-kind gift that’ll be treasured for years to come.

9. Hook + Albert Human and Dog Polka Dot Bowtie Set For the dapper, dynamic duo.

Help your favourite dog-human duo suit up for the holidays with a pair of matching bowties. This set from BarkShop features a traditional self-tie bowtie for the human and an elasticized version for dogs of all sizes. The polka dot print is classic, fun, and perfect for the holiday season!

10. Pet Insurance- The most important purchase

Pet insurance helps keep your pet healthy and happy without having to worry about vet bills!

We hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide! Happy shopping!