Chewing, Digging, Barking, or Whining? Top Signs Your Dog May Be Bored and What to Do About It

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Love your pup but feeling frustrated by some of their less-lovable behavior? It could be that your dog is looking for your attention because they’re bored and in need of stimulation. Here are the top behavioral signs of dog boredom and what you can do about it.

Is your dog ripping apart items in the garbage, pulling items off the countertops, digging up the backyard or chewing through other items? It could be a sign that your furry pal is bored. Excessive chewing, digging, counter surfing and getting into the trash are all signs of boredom.

If your pup is barking or whining excessively, there are a number of possible reasons, with boredom being one of them. If they are home alone, or lacking in stimulation, they will find their own way to stay occupied. Standing guard at the window or in the yard, barking and whining at animals, people, and just about anything else, is one way for them to stay busy.

If your pooch is following you around the house, it may be out of boredom. Our furry friends are heavily dependent on us humans for their entertainment– especially for those long hikes in the woods and visits to the dog park! A bored dog may follow you around, hoping that it’s time to head off and do something fun.

To bring an end to these less-than-desired behaviors, give your dog something more constructive to do. You want to tire them out both physically and mentally. Regular daily exercise is important – and not just a walk. For dogs with higher energy needs, play fetch, have them run with canine companions at a dog park, or have them spend the day at a quality doggie daycare. Find activities that provide your pup with good mental stimulation. For example, a Kong toy filled with treats can keep your dog entertained, out of trouble, and help to mentally exhaust them.

While the behaviors may be frustrating, remember that your dog’s actions are often a sign of something else at play. By providing your pup with good physical and mental stimulation, you can minimize boredom and may alleviate the behaviors.