Dog laying on hotel bed
Pet Parents

National Dog Day is August 26th. Read our ideas on how to treat your pet to some pampering and extra attention.

DIY Hamburger Treat

How many times has your dog given you those puppy-dog eyes while you’re barbecuing? We know, it’s hard to resist and that’s why we created a dog-friendly hamburger recipe.

Owner giving dog Heartworm Prevention medication

With so much information about heartworm disease it’s hard to figure out what to believe? Our veterinarian separates true from false.

Dog sitting on dock at dusk

Summer is here! For many families, a trip to the cottage is a sacred summer ritual. But before you get ready to pack your cooler, review this checklist to make sure your escape is safe for your furry family member.

A shelter volunteer holding a cat in front of two cats in a cage
Pet Parents

So, you’re passionate about animal welfare, but not in a position to adopt another pet at this time. That’s okay! There are still lots of ways you can support the amazing animal rescue work being done in your community.

Woman hugging Labrador
Pet Parents

In the past at PetPlus, we’ve described the many benefits of being a dog or a cat owner. Let's look at the history of this bond we share with our pets.