Dog sitting on dock at dusk

Summer is here! For many families, a trip to the cottage is a sacred summer ritual. But before you get ready to pack your cooler, review this checklist to make sure your escape is safe for your furry family member.

A shelter volunteer holding a cat in front of two cats in a cage
Pet Parents

So, you’re passionate about animal welfare, but not in a position to adopt another pet at this time. That’s okay! There are still lots of ways you can support the amazing animal rescue work being done in your community.

Woman hugging Labrador
Pet Parents

In the past at PetPlus, we’ve described the many benefits of being a dog or a cat owner. Let's look at the history of this bond we share with our pets.

Stressed Veterinarian

Compassion fatigue can affect anyone in the role of healer, helper, or rescuer. Those in the veterinary profession are especially vulnerable, as it can affect physical and mental health, as well as professional success.

Woman working at laptop with cat
Pet Parents

Have you been working from home for a few weeks now, and are starting to feel restless? We at PetPlusUs have consulted a bona fide work from home expert to help get you through it - the cat.

Cat hiding under furniture

Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides best practices on combating stress in your feline friend. Learn ways to read the signs and tackle the source.