Cat sitting near fireplace

A good fire safety strategy is made up of three components: Prevention, Planning, and Practice.

Stressed looking cat lying down

If you’re getting ready to set off fireworks, or just watch them in the park, it’s important to keep in mind both safety, and the fact that some dogs, cats, birds, and other pets can be afraid of the sights and sounds.

Dog licking a frozen treat

Try out this simple recipe to spoil your dog with a refreshing, frozen treat.

Dog laying on hotel bed
Pet Parents

National Dog Day is August 26th. Read our ideas on how to treat your pet to some pampering and extra attention.

DIY Hamburger Treat

How many times has your dog given you those puppy-dog eyes while you’re barbecuing? We know, it’s hard to resist and that’s why we created a dog-friendly hamburger recipe.

Owner giving dog Heartworm Prevention medication

With so much information about heartworm disease it’s hard to figure out what to believe? Our veterinarian separates true from false.