Woman with and her happy beagle dog running
To help ensure your pet stays healthy, here are some important steps recommended by our in-house veterinary advisor, Dr. Jennifer Sperry.
Female veterinarian doing a routine physical exams for the cat
Today, it’s not unusual to see veterinary bills in the thousands for an illness or injury.  But why the change?  Let’s examine some other changes in the past three decades that have revolutionized veterinary medicine…and the fees we pay.
Happy Bernese mountain dog running with owner outside
As a giant-breed dog, Luca was already well-acquainted with his orthopedic surgeon.  Luca was diagnosed with cruciate ligament disease on his right side, and had undergone a TPLO surgery to repair the knee at just under two years of age.
Black and white French bulldog with an orange collar outside in nature
Pampered Frenchie, Daisy, had suffered from allergies and dermatological issues for most of her life, so her family paid close attention to her skin. This spring, they noticed something different. A red, raised lump appeared on the skin over Daisy’s right elbow. Some days, it appeared redder and more prominent, while other days, it was barely noticeable. When it didn’t disappear after a week or two, they scheduled an appointment with their family veterinarian.
Female vet looking down at dog

Most pet families will be advised to have their new puppy spayed or neutered by either their breeder, their veterinarian, or their municipality.  Surgical sterilization prevents unwanted litters an

If you’re getting ready to set off fireworks, or just watch them in the park, it’s important to keep in mind both safety, and the fact that some dogs, cats, birds, and other pets can be afraid of the sights and sounds.