If you’re getting ready to set off fireworks, or just watch them in the park, it’s important to keep in mind both safety, and the fact that some dogs, cats, birds, and other pets can be afraid of the sights and sounds.
An illustration of a goldendoodle puppy
Tucker, a 4-month-old goldendoodle had to take an emergency trip to the vet after he ate something he shouldn't.
A black and white mixed dog looking happily at the camera
Follow these steps to create a safe haven and help your rescue dog adjust to their new life.
Veterinary consultation with his Golden Retriever dog and cat
Vet visits don’t have to be anxiety-inducing forever. Follow these tips to make your next appointment less stressful for your pet and you!
Cute american shorthair cat sleeping rest on the floor in the lazy time.
Max was a mature cat about to enter his senior years when his family started to notice some health changes.
Young woman practicing downward facing dog pose playing with her pet in the living room
Reduce the risk of diseases that are linked to obesity with these exercises you can do with your dog.