The fall is a great time to enjoy yummy fruits and vegetables that are in season and it’s not just us – our pets enjoy them too! Here’s how you can treat your pet to a healthy alternative this season and even all year round.
British Shorthair and Golden Retriever laying together

September is widely celebrated as National Pet Health Insurance Month by veterinarians, shelters & rescues, pet owners and insurance companies in both Canada and the USA.

Curious and Happy Tricolor Dog with Tongue out

What is prednisone used for? Is it safe to give to dogs? Our veterinary advisor, Dr. Sperry, DVM, weighs in on this topic!

With shorter days, the ‘running around’ rush of back-to-school and the change in routine can be confusing for our pets.
Young pit bull terrier dog in no pull harness sitting during outdoor walk
Have you ever wondered what harness is best for your large dog? Large dogs each have their own unique body shapes and needs, so it's important to keep these things in mind when choosing a harness for your next adventure.
Cat getting a microchip implant

Let’s face it, our pets can be quite adventurous and tend to wander off.