DIY Dog First Aid Kit

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Do you have an accident-prone dog? Cuts, scrapes, torn nails and allergic reactions can all occur while in the backyard at play, walking around the block, playing at the local dog park and especially those hikes through rough terrain.

Help Your Pet Hit a Pot of Gold With This DIY

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Make sure your pet’s St. Patrick’s Day is up to snuffle with this DIY mat. Physical exercise is crucial, but mental stimulation is just as important and is part of an overall pet wellness plan! This mat helps work your pet’s brain by allowing them to use their nose to search for dry food you’ve hidden. When they find it, they’ll feel pretty lucky!
Got a speedy eater? It can help slow down pets who tend to inhale their food rather than eat it.

DIY Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Puzzle Feeder

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Put all that toilet paper to good use and try out a homemade puzzle feeder for the feline in your family. This DIY is so simple and it’s a great way to keep little hands busy if you have kids at home. Plus, it’s easily customizable to fill with whatever gets your cat purring, whether they fancy treats, catnip, kibble or play.
Puzzle feeders and interactive games are a great way to keep cats active and engaged.
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