DIY Snuffle Mat to Help Stimulate Your Dog

Dog looking for treats in snuffle mat
Mental stimulation for your pet is just as important as physical exercise! This mat helps work your pet’s brain by allowing them to use their nose to search for the dry food you’ve hidden. Since dogs are natural hunters, seeking out food satisfies that innate to them. It will also keep an energetic pet occupied if you need a break from running around!
This mat can also help slow down speedy eaters who tend to inhale their food. 
  1. Gather your supplies
    • 1.5–2 metres of felt or fleece in colours of your choice (We used green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day.)
    • Rubber sink mat with holes
    • Scissors and/or utility knife
  1. Cut your fabric into strips

    Cut fabric into approximately 2–3 cm wide and 15 cm long. We found our scissors were a bit too dull to do this cleanly, so we laid our fabric on a large plastic cutting board and carefully cut the strips using a utility knife.

  1. Poke strips through the mat

    Poke one end of the strip through the first hole and the other end through the second hole. Tie once. (There’s no need to double knot!)

  1. Poke and repeat
    Poke the next strip through the second and third holes, tie, and repeat this process across the first two rows.

  1. Connect the first two rows

    Next, you’ll connect the first and second rows vertically. Poke one end of the strip through the first hole in the first row, and the other end through the first hole in the second row.

  1. Repeat

    Continue steps 2–4 until you’ve completed the entire mat.

  1. Add your dog’s treats

    Now the fun part. Add your pet’s favourite dry food throughout the mat, leaving a few easier-to-find pieces visible and let the fun begin!

Since the mat is made of fabric, it isn’t suitable for wet food. You’ll likely want to wash your mat occasionally on a gentle, cold cycle and air dry.
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