DIY Dog First Aid Kit


Do you have an accident-prone dog? Cuts, scrapes, torn nails and allergic reactions can all occur while in the backyard at play, walking around the block, playing at the local dog park and especially those hikes through rough terrain.

Make sure you’re a prepared pet-parent at home and on-route with our DIY dog first aid kit!

It’s important to remember, that building your own kit or adding to an already made store bought kit, is the best way to ensure everything is customized to your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

Dog First Aid Kit for Your Home: 

  • First-Aid Kit Case: use a tool box, Tupperware container or shoebox.
  • Contact List: emergency phone numbers and your veterinarian's Info.
  • Bandage Materials: gauze sponges, gauze rolls, self-adhesive wrap and tape.
  • Tools: bandages, scissors, forceps/tweezers, muzzle, nail clippers, styptic powder and tick twister.
  • Wound Care: alcohol or hand sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic wipes or spray, antibiotic cream or ointment, eye wash and/or antiseptic eye drops.
  • Antihistamine: Benadryl or allergy tablets approved by your veterinarian.

Tip: Keep bandage materials and contact list in a zip lock protective bag to prevent them from getting wet from any liquid leaks.

Travel or Hiking First Aid Kit for Dogs:

  • First-Aid Kit Case: use a small mesh travel case or large zip lock bag.
  • Travel Size Bottles: transfer any required liquids to travel size bottles. Don’t forget to label them appropriately!
  • Bandage materials: store in a zip lock bag
  • Tools: bandages, scissors, tweezers, forceps, nail trimmers and styptic powder.
  • Wound Care: antiseptic spray or hand sanitizer and eye wash.
  • Antihistamine: Benadryl or allergy tablets approved by your veterinarian
  • Extra Leash: this can double as a support
  • Soft e-collar (optional)
  • Contact List: emergency numbers. (Store in a zip lock bag)

Note: When preparing a first-aid kit, it’s important to discuss many of the items with your veterinarian to ensure proper usage and dosages.

Accidents happen. No matter how hard you try to help your pet avoid trouble, they sometimes find it anyway. Accident coverage ensures you are ready for the unexpected.

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