Tips to Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive

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The loss of a pet can be one of life's most painful experiences. During the grieving process, everyone copes in different ways, but it can be helpful to take the time to reflect on your life together and find a meaningful way to remember them. Here are a few unique ways to keep the spirit of your furry friend close to your heart.

1. Commission a Custom Pet Portrait

As you think of your many wonderful memories together, you may come across a particularly special photo that deserves a place of pride in your home. Having a custom piece of art created doesn’t need to be overly expensive; you may have a talented friend, connection to a local artist or use this as an opportunity to do some art therapy for yourself.

2. Have Your Pet’s Paw Cast

This is a special keepsake that can be made anytime during your pet's life with a kit commonly found at craft stores or can be done after their passing prior to cremation.

3. Have a Custom Cuddle

Pet pillows are becoming an increasingly popular way to remember your friend. Using a high-quality image of your companion, their picture is printed onto fabric and the pillow is sewn into their unique shape. It may just be the perfect thing to hug when you miss them.

4. Consider Their Final Resting Place

It can be tricky to decide what to do with your pet's remains. If you choose to bury them on your property, a customized plaque can help you create a special place of remembrance. Alternatively, some owners decide to scatter their pet’s ashes in a park or a favourite hiking trail, so that if they move, they can still visit their beloved pet.

5. Keep Them Close to Your Heart

There are many jewellery options to help you remember your pal. A quick online search will give you a breadth of choices including pendant necklaces that can hold ashes or gemstones that are created out of their remains. These can be a beautiful and subtle way to remember them every day.

6. Give Back

One of the best ways to honour your pet's memory is to volunteer at a local animal shelter. It's a good way to spend some time with animals, especially if you're unsure about, or not ready to adopt yet.

7. Bring a Reminder With You

The simplest way may be the very best. Your pet's ID tag is likely one of the first things you've purchased for your pet. Consider taking it off their collar and adding it to your keyring so that it is with you wherever you go. No matter you choose to memorialize your beloved friend, there is no right or wrong way to remember them, as long as you focus on the joy you both brought to each other's lives.