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The Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Your Pet

Your pets don’t smoke, but they breathe the same air you do. So, if you smoke, your cat or dog is inhaling the same toxins from your cigarettes or cigars that you are.

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Pet Apartment Living

Pet-iquette 101 – Apartment And Condo Living

You and your four-legged buddy are living the high life in a cozy apartment. What could be better? As long as you make sure your neighbours and landlord are as happy as you are with the arrangement.

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Woman with arm around Golden Retriever

Picking a Pet

If you’re still thinking about getting a pet or helping a friend decide, there are lots of things you’ll want to think through first to be sure you’re ready. We’ve outlined some of the major considerations below.

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Coping With the Loss of a Pet

It’s a sad fact that the lifespan of our pets is much shorter than our own, which means that every pet owner will eventually experience the death of a beloved companion

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Dog Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for your dog is a growing specialty field. To get the 411 on doggy chiropractic care, we asked chiropractor Dr. Mark Fleet a few common questions.

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How to trim your pet's nails

Trimming Your Dog or Cat's Nails

For most cats or dogs, having someone work on their nails is something to be tolerated, not celebrated. Even still, it’s an important part of your pet’s regular care.

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Healthy Pet Routines

A Healthy Pet, a Healthy Pet Owner

Get your cat and dog in on your new routine! It makes it more fun for you, can help both of you stay healthy and gives you a little “buddy” to keep you motivated!

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dogs in winter

Safety of Dogs & Cats in Winter

Winter can be a fun time for you and your pets. After all, who doesn’t love building snowmen and having snow ball fights? It’s important to keep in mind that although winter is fun for many, there are dangers associated with the season as well.

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walking your dog in the winter

Walking Your Dog in the Winter

Staying motivated to get out and walk during the cold winter months can be hard. Follow these tips to help make your winter walks more enjoyable.

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Adopt a Pet in Canada

There are tens of thousands of cats and dogs available for adoption from shelters and animal rescue organizations across Canada.

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