ARTAX - $2,130 Paid for 5 Claims

Artax sitting in field

I wanted to write this review in order to help other pet owners who are considering an insurance provider for their pets.

I understood that Pets Plus Us hasn't been in the Canadian market place as long as other providers, and as a licensed life insurance agent myself, I must admit that the way Pets Plus Us conducts its business is the only proper way. It is of utmost importance to underwrite a policy prior to any potential events. Once underwritten you are sure to have a contract no matter what happens.  This is the main reason I chose this company. Other companies I would compare as to any bank mortgage insurance where if something strikes only then would bank undergo the underwriting process which is simply wrong from the prospective of a consumer. I must say I have been very happy to have Pets Plus Us. My 2-year-old, Artax, has had his share of events, such as falling through the ice or breaking his leg or being chased and bitten by a coyote. Having Pets Plus Us on my side continuously  proves to be the best choice in insurance providers. I have young kids to take care of, educate and raise and having a dog was part of it, but having emergencies and accidents is something we can never predict nor plan for. The response time and reimbursements are in a very timely basis and truly much appreciated. Thank you Pets Plus Us for your business standards. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you and only you to new pet owners as a must have!