ARCHIMEDES - $1,736 Paid for Extreme Weight Loss


My cat, Archimedes, has always had special needs. His anxiety has plagued him all of his life and we always assumed if he were ever going to get sick it would be related to that. Then, he lost a whole bunch of weight. I work in the veterinary industry so I see a lot of ill kitties. I began to panic that this could be cancer. Over the following weeks our vet made a plan with us and we began testing. It was just terrible going through the emotional turmoil of not knowing and waiting for results. I cannot imagine having to go through all of that AND having to worry about how I was going to manage paying for all of it. Every single time I called Pets Plus Us, no matter who answered the phone, the first question out of their mouths was the same: "How is Archimedes?" Let me tell you, that right there is why they are the best. They care. They related stories of their own pets and I could hear how they smiled when they spoke to me. It really made all the difference to me because I was so incredibly upset and scared. I am so happy I signed those papers and joined the Pets Plus Us family, and I know Archimedes is too. At the end of it all, we got the great news that it doesn't look like it is cancer at this point, and we never would have known if we didn't have the support from Pets Plus Us. Above. And. Beyond.