Wilson - $4,569 Claim for Falling 8 Stories


My 6 month old kitten Wilson is an all round cuddly kitten that I got through a friend.  

On Aug 5th, Wilson's curiosity got the better of him when he took a walk out of my apartment window and walked along the ledge. Unfortunately, this ledge was too small for Wilson to turn around where he got stuck and fell 8 floors to a parking lot.

I rushed him to the vet where they stabilised him enough for me to get him to Canada West Vet Hospital. We were met by Dr. Trevor Enberg who took Wilson in to the ICU where he was cared for.

After this, I contacted Pet Plus Us to see how my insurance policy would work as I had only recently taken out this policy after my 6-week free trial with Pet Plus Us ended.

I spoke with a rep, Caroline, and told her the situation. She was so helpful and advised me everything I needed to do for the insurance company to deal directly with the vet as this was going to be a rather large bill.

After a week of Wilson being in ICU and getting through surgery for his fractured leg, he was able to come home. Pet Plus Us worked directly with Canada West Vet to give me a full payout on my coverage.

I have never been so grateful to have insurance. For the small amount I have to pay each month, it is by far worth it.

Here are a few pics of Wilson throughout the experience and where he is at today, he will have his splint on for a few more weeks but the vets have advised he will make a full recovery.

Words cannot explain how truly amazing Dr. Enberg and his team are at the Canada West Vet hospital. I will always be so grateful for what they have done to save Wilson's life.

Many thanks,

Allison P.