KADDIE - $1,332 Claim for Dehydration

Kaddie and family

Our cat Kaddie was a rescue kitten that was 6 months old when we got her. Kaddie had her 1 year annual checkup and was in good health. We were offered 6 week trial coverage from Pets Plus Us by our vet. To our surprise, Kaddie stopped eating and drinking shortly after our visit. Kaddie ended up back at our vets then to an emergency clinic for further testing and IV Fluids. Surprisingly, Pets Plus Us covered almost all the expenses and we have purchased a permanent policy for Kaddie since.

This picture was taken at our vet's office. In the picture is my husband Frank holding Holly. Santa’s holding Willie with the blue bowtie and Kaddie with red pom pom. And I was holding Gracie, our family cat.