JACK - $708 Claim for Ibuprofen Toxicity




I am writing to thank you for helping us through the very scary and difficult time we had with our puppy Jack this summer. While we were out for dinner Jack managed to get his paws on a trial-size bottle of Ibuprofen. We found the open bottle and a few capsules on the floor and were unsure if Jack had consumed any of the medication. After a frantic search online I wasn’t finding any clear information to help me determine if we were truly in an emergency situation with our little guy. Thankfully it occurred to me to call your 24 hour emergency helpline. I was so grateful to speak to a representative immediately despite the fact it being 2 A.M. After a few brief questions, we were directed to take Jack to the emergency vet immediately. This advice saved our beloved puppy’s life. Even though Jack was acting perfectly fine at the time, it wasn’t long before our puppy’s life was in grave danger. Without your support and guidance we would have lost him that night.

My partner Jason thought I was crazy to pay for insurance for our new pet when I signed up for Pets Plus Us; after all, puppies are generally healthy and our boy had a clean bill of health! This one incident has made me a true believer in your services, without the support and financial coverage, this horrible situation would have been much worse. Pets Plus Us is truly what saved us when this emergency came up. The ibuprofen incident ended up costing approximately $4,000 - the cost of two hospitalizations and medication while his kidneys were failing and his life was hanging by a thread…or in this case an IV! I reached out to Pets Plus Us over Twitter to thank them for the coverage and for the fact that if it hadn’t been for their service we would have been in a very difficult financial situation. Emergency vets do not offer payment plans and I would never want to be in a situation where I would have to refuse life saving treatment for our pet due to finances. The support Pets Plus Us gave us helped settle our minds, and brought a community around us when we needed help. We know that Jack recovered due to the immediate care we were able to get him and this was because of our coverage. The peace of mind we had in knowing we had this financial backing helped us focus on the situation and get Jack all the care he needed, there was no added financial stress. The thousands of dollars would have been devastating to pay on our own.

After Jack’s treatment, the kind people in your organization and others that had heard of his illness over Twitter reached out and followed up to see how we were doing. It was above and beyond anything we could have expected. We felt like part of a family.

Through the process, the customer service was outstanding, from claims processing to quick responses to any of our questions. We felt nothing but genuine support and concern coming from the Pets Plus Us team. We got our expense reimbursements within one week of paying the vets for the services, and to top it off, when we got the renewal of our policy, there was no increase in our rate! Most companies that I have heard of cut coverage or drastically increase rates after a claim. You guys just served us with a smile, paid things up right away so we could get back on track, and kept our coverage so that we could make sure if anything like this every happened again, we’d be covered. Thank you so much for your incredible service, all the perks that come with your product, like Blue Ribbon Benefits, the online claims forms, and of course for your coverage. We have our little Jack back to his happy, healthy and rambunctious self, and we owe a lot of this to you. Thank you to the entire team. You’re amazing!