9 Goals To Add To Your Pet's Bucket List

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Want to help your pet live their best life? Create a bucket list for them! It’s a collection of the dreams and goals that they hope to accomplish before they, well, “kick the bucket.” It’s all about helping your pet make the most of every moment and live life to the fullest.

Wondering how to start? Here are some ideas to inspire your pet’s own bucket list. Feel free to adopt some, skip others, and create ones that are truly unique to your pet!

1. Meet a Long-lost Relative

It’s amazing what you can accomplish through the power of social media! With many breeders maintaining active social media pages and pet lovers socializing in online groups, you may be surprised at the connections you can make. You might even be able to get in touch with the owners of your pet’s siblings or parents. Why not host a long-lost family reunion to bring the gang back together?

2. Travel Abroad

The Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, the Louvre, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt may be lofty travel goals for your pet. Luckily there are a number of pet-friendly destinations in Canada that will broaden your furry companion’s horizons.

3. Enter a Colour Run

You may have seen these colourful races on Instagram. During the run, you and your pet will be showered with colour at various checkpoints throughout the course. Many colour runs even raise funds for animal welfare charities. Messy? Yes. Memorable? Absolutely!

4. Learn Agility

Learning a new skill is a common bucket list item. If your dog is an overachiever, they may be attracted to the ultimate canine sport – agility training. It will boost their confidence and improve their communication skills. Even if your pet never plans to compete, it’s still an excellent source of exercise that will strengthen the bond you share with your dog.

5. Go on a Road Trip

Hit the open road! A road trip is a great way for your pet to break out of their familiar surroundings and see something new. If your dog loves splashing around in a backyard kiddie pool, surprise him with a trip to the beach. If they’re an avid walker, expand their horizons by taking them to a hiking trail. Even a cat could appreciate a short trip as long as they’re comfortable in their carrier. No matter the destination, you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime!

6. Volunteer Work

Giving back feels good. Your pet can brighten the day of residents at a nursing home or patients at the local hospital. There’s nothing quite like the companionship of a four-legged friend!

7. Eat Something Scrumptious

For the pet that wants to expand their palate, savor every morsel, and experience the finer things in life. Treat your pet to a delicious homemade treat. 

8. Be Someone’s Mentor

They say teaching is one of the most rewarding things you can do. If your dog socializes well, they could become a mentor to a new puppy in your family or in your neighbourhood. Interactions between master and apprentice will help the young pup develop positive social skills that they can carry into their adult years.

9. Achieve a Healthy Weight

Overweight pets are at a greater risk for a number of health problems. By sticking to an exercise plan and maintaining a healthy diet, the pounds will begin to disappear! Help your pet take the steps to achieving a healthy weight now so that they have a greater chance of living longer and achieving everything on their bucket list!

With a list in mind, the next step is to help your pet achieve their goals. Why not encourage your pet parent friends to create a list for their pets too? Getting others involved is a great way to keep each other committed to crossing items off their bucket lists. Here’s to living life to the fullest!