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Etiquette & Advice for Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 23, 2017)


Time to put those paws to work! June 23 is Take Your Dog to Work Day. It’s an annual event that was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate our canine companions and raise awareness for pet adoption. While they might not be able to fill out a spreadsheet or make a sales call, research has shown that dogs can improve our moods by reducing stress.

Is your workplace interested in participating this year? Here’s what you need to know to ensure that the day goes smoothly and safely for everyone involved.

The Pitch

After clearing the idea with management, organize a team meeting to discuss the expectations for the upcoming event. Establish any ground rules and guidelines that will help the day go as smoothly as possible.

It’s important to recognize and respect that some of your coworkers may not be dog people. Never force an interaction between your coworkers and your pet. Doing so will only make the situation more stressful and cause unnecessary anxiety for everyone.

You may find out that some of your coworkers have allergies or a fear of dogs. Even if you can’t bring Fido into the office, your team can still participate and raise awareness for the cause. You may consider hosting a fundraiser to collect donations for a local animal shelter or pet rescue. You’ll be supporting the cause while still respecting your coworkers’ wishes.

Workplace Readiness

How does your dog react around other pets and new people? If your dog doesn’t have any problems socializing, they should be fine to join the fun at the office. If they’ve been known to be aggressive or uneasy around strangers, it’s best if they stay at home. Don’t feel discouraged. With some training and practice, they might be ready to participate next year!

Office Hours

Create a schedule to make sure that your dog’s needs are met while you get down to business. Check your calendar to plan bathroom breaks, walks, and meals around your agenda for the day. As an added bonus, your dog’s bathroom breaks are a perfect excuse for you to take a break from your desk and get moving!


In the days leading up to the event, “dog-proof” the office so you can prevent accidents before they happen. Remove potential hazards and keep dangerous items out of the paws of canine coworkers.

When you arrive at work, keep your dog on a leash so they become familiar with the environment. Having your dog leashed also gives your coworkers and other dogs a chance to become acquainted with each other. Only remove the leash if everyone (humans and dogs) feels comfortable.

If you have them, baby gates are a great way to create designated dog areas in the office.

Office Supplies

Don’t leave the house without packing a bag with everything your pup will need to get through the long workday. Grab the essentials like bowls for food and water, treats, a leash, a blanket, and waste disposal bags. Bring the comforts of home to the office with their favourite toy or a new bone. They’ll help keep your pup distracted and out of trouble while you get down to business.

Quitting Time

Even with the best of intentions and a solid plan in place, your dog may have an “off” day. Have a family member or friend on standby that can come pick up your dog if you cannot leave work yourself to bring them home. Never leave pets in a car by themselves!

Here’s hoping that this year’s TYDTWDay is the best one yet!

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