Champions of Pet Owner Happiness

Eric Coulson
Eric Coulson, BComm, CIP – Top Dog

Tel: (905) 247-5403

Meet Eric Coulson, a lifelong pet lover with a passion for business development, mentoring, building strategic relationships and providing outrageous customer service.

Chip Coombs, BSc, DVM - Chief Veterinary Officer
Dr. Chip Coombs, BSc, DVM - Chief Veterinary Officer

Tel: (905) 247-5406

Dr. Coombs has practised veterinary medicine since 1976, initially in the United Kingdom, then in Western Canada and, finally, in Toronto, where he owned a multi-veterinarian practice for 33 years.

Carolyn Taylor, Champion, Claims & Underwriting
Carolyn Taylor, CRM – Champion, Claims & Underwriting

Tel: (905) 247-5404

Carolyn is a long-standing insurance specialist, having worked in Ontario for more than a decade. During this time, Carolyn has led and grown a number of successful teams in Claims Response, Auto Physical Damage and Claims Management.

Dr. Debbie and Max
Dr. Debbie Stoewen, DVM, MSW, RSW, PhD - CEO (Care & Empathy Officer)

Tel: (905) 247-5409

As the Care & Empathy Officer, Dr. Debbie combines a sensitive understanding of the human-animal bond with a therapeutic approach to help people heal from the loss of a pet, believing that life's greatest challenges can be opportunities for personal growth.

Kim Schroeder, Pets Plus Us Champion
Kim Schroeder - Champion, Product and Business Management

Tel: (905) 247-5417

Kim has had a long career with the pet health community, starting as an Animal Health Technologist in a veterinary practice. After moving into a Territory Manager role for a pet insurance company, her career took a new direction, learning about product management, claims management and systems management at a major Canadian pet health insurer.

Amanda Davies
Amanda Davies, H. BComm., C.M.A., C.P.A. - Champion of Kibbles & Bits (Finance)

Tel: (905) 247-5407

As the Champion of Kibbles & Bits, Amanda is a finance professional with over 15 years’ experience in a variety of markets. Amanda joined Pets Plus Us in June 2016...

Karolyne Trottier, AHT - Ambassador
Karolyne Trottier, AHT - Ambassador, Quebec & Ottawa Valley

Tel: (514) 604-0937

Karolyne has been in the animal health field for over 15 years. Bringing home strays as a child, it wasn’t long before she started volunteering her time at local shelters before pursuing a career as an Animal Health Technician...

Teresa Vyse - Ambassador, Ontario North & West Regions
Teresa Vyse - Ambassador, Ontario North & West Regions

Tel: (289) 772-7217

Teresa has been dedicated to the animal health field for her entire career, and through this dedication has developed a strong relationship with the veterinary community.

Eleanor Locke, AHT - Ambassador, Ontario North & East Regions
Eleanor Locke, AHT - Ambassador, Ontario North & East Regions

Tel: (289) 772-7219

Drawing upon her vast experience and education, Ellie partners with Pets Plus Us clients, identifying opportunities and always working towards positive outcomes.

Heather Tam, Ambassador, B.C Region
Heather Tam, Ambassador, B.C Region

Tel: (604) 217-2793

Heather has been part of the veterinary community since 1998 when she became a Veterinary Assistant. During that time, she has worked in both general practice as well as Emergency Medicine and Specialty Referral Medicine.

Jamie McLellan - Ambassador, Atlantic Region
Jamie McLellan - Ambassador, Atlantic Region

Tel: (902) 401-0500

Jamie’s soft spot for all creatures large and small was nurtured at an early age during his rural upbringing, working on his grandparent’s century hobby farm.

Liz Blake - Ambassador, Alberta Region
Liz Blake - Ambassador, Alberta Region

Tel: (403) 389-1968

Liz’s love for animals started right from birth and was nurtured by her animal loving parents who supported her large menagerie of pets while growing up...