Liz Blake - Key Account Manager

Liz’s love for animals started right from birth and was nurtured by her animal loving parents who supported her large menagerie of pets while growing up. Her animal career started in high school when she landed her first job at a pet store which had a zoo license and offered her the unique opportunity to care for and work with some unique animals such as primates, big cats and exotics.  She got her first vet clinic job upon graduating high school and started wildlife rescue out of her home at the same time.  Her veterinary career as a vet assistant spanned the past 21 years with an affinity for pocket pets, exotics & wildlife. She has always been a strong promoter of pet health insurance and her passion is education. She feels that the key to the survival of all species is education.  In her spare time she volunteers as a wildlife educator, hand raises orphaned kittens and fosters deaf dogs. She lives with her husband and young son Indie, as well as Rose & Warrick the Bull Terriers, Reuben & Kira the Chinese Cresteds, Cleopatra the Abyssinian, Bacon the Sphynx and two Russian Tortoises all of which are rescues. She is very proud & excited to be a part of the Pets Plus Us team!