Celebrate 'Love Your Pet Day'!

Love Your Pet Day may fall on February 20, but here at Pets Plus Us we celebrate our passion for pets all year long! This holiday commemorates the special bond that we humans share with our loyal animal companions. Our lives can become so busy between school, work, family, and other commitments. That’s why Love Your Pet Day is the perfect reminder to give our pets some extra special attention and show them just how much they mean to us.
How will you celebrate the holiday? We have some suggestions for making this year’s celebration the best one yet!
1. Bring the Spa Home
Nothing says luxury like a trip to the groomer. If you can’t make it to the salon, you can pamper your pet in the comfort of your own home. Treat your pal to a warm, soothing bath and a good brushing. Massage their paws and finish up with a pedicure to keep their nails neatly trimmed. Your pet won’t just look their best; they’ll also feel like their best self too!
2. Social Media Superstar
Go ahead and brag about how awesome your pet is! Take a selfie to mark the occasion or share some of your favourite memories with your pets. You can also honour and pay tribute to a pet you’ve lost to keep their memory alive.
Don’t forget to tag your photos and videos with the #NationalLoveYourPetDay hashtag to join the conversation and connect with your fellow pet lovers.
3. Walking & Swimming
National Walk Your Dog Month may be over but keeping your dog mentally and physically active is important all year round. Take a walk on that trail that you’ve always wanted to tackle or visit that new dog park that just opened up in your area. If your pup prefers to stay close to home, switch up your normal route to keep him on his toes.
Since walking can be tough on the joints (especially for senior dogs), swimming is a great alternative to stay active.
4. Shopping Spree
A new toy or blanket is a great token of appreciation for the years of companionship that your pet has brought to your life. Speaking of treats…
5. Delicious Surprises
Everyone deserves a cheat day! Pop by the pet store and pick up that special snack that your pet has had their eye (and nose) on. If you’d like to flex your own culinary muscles, you can even bake up some homemade treats. With possible flavour combinations like peanut butter and pumpkin or apple and bacon, your dog will think you’re a culinary genius! For cat owners, we have a recipe for Frozen Cat Treats that even the most stubborn kitty won’t be able to resist.
6. Purchase Pet Insurance
Pet health insurance provides pet owners with financial protection that can helps assist with regular veterinary care as well as any unexpected accidents or illnesses. We would encourage those with or considering a pet, to understand the importance of protecting your pet as well as being financially prepared. To understand more about insurance or to get a quote, visit www.petsplusus.com.
7. Volunteering
Even if you’re not a pet owner, you can still join in on the festivities! If you have a passion for pets, you might consider showing some love to a shelter animal. You can volunteer to clean up or spend time with a pet waiting to be adopted. If you’re a photographer or social media wiz, you can offer to donate your skills to help the shelter or rescue group with their adoption efforts.
If you can’t physically volunteer, find out what’s on the shelter’s wish list. Donations like water and food bowls, litter, and blankets are always appreciated. You may be surprised to learn that shelters also collect donations of household items like cleaning supplies, detergent, and paper towels.
We can’t wait to see how people spoil their pets on Love Your Pet Day! Whether you celebrate with selfies, a trip to the park, a cuddle or a tasty treat or two, we wish you and your pet many more years of happiness together!