Our Promise To You

When we make a promise to be a pet owner’s best friend it’s not something we take lightly.

So what does being a pet owner’s best friend mean? Simply put, it means that we’re focused on, and committed to, helping you deal with all the joys and challenges of pet ownership.

A best friend has your back. We’ll look out for your interests, and consider your needs alongside our own.

We’ll make every effort to know you better, yet temper this knowledge with sensitivity, discretion and respect.

Our unique understanding and insights into what pet owners want will be treated with empathy and understanding.

We’ll be resourceful, and do what we can to be helpful, thoughtful, generous and kind.

And above all, we’ll appreciate your friendship.

In the scope of what we do – in the Community of pet owners we’re building, in the Membership benefits we offer, and in the Pet Insurance Coverage we provide – we’ll do what we can to act like your best friend would. And we’ll undertake to do this proactively, dependably and enthusiastically.

We’ll be straightforward and upfront in how we share information with you, and we’ll try to do this with a positive approach – and a sense of humour – whenever we can. 

We’ll seek out useful information and be transparent in sharing with you the things we believe will impact your decisions, grow your knowledge and empower you in order to act in the best interest of your pet.

As a best friend, we know we won’t always be perfect – no matter how hard we try. So we want you to be honest with us about how we’re doing. And we’ll use what we learn and what you share with us to help us get better as we go forward together.