Our Instincts


Follow our instincts

To make our pet owners happy, we’re going to do what our pets do and follow our instincts. We have five of them to guide our behaviour and help us succeed in our crusade:

People Lovers & Pet Lovers

We’re pet people through and through. We believe that by making pet owners happy, in some small way, we’re making their pets happier and healthier, too, every day.

What Would Rin Tin Tin Do?

Challenges excite us. We use our resourcefulness, tenacity and creativity to defy the status quo and make things happen.

Service Animals

At Pets Plus Us, ‘paws-itively outrageous service’ means always striving to say ‘yes.’ And when we can’t say yes, it means looking for other ways to deliver. We never stand for mediocrity when it comes to serving our Members.

Power of the Pride

We believe three heads are always better than one, and see ourselves as a pack, on a common adventure. It’s this instinct that keeps our commitment to delivering innovation for our Members strong.

Keep it Wild

We embrace the butterflies that come from daring to try things that haven’t been done before. It’s what will keep us delivering what our Members want and need.