Labyrinth Goldens

Why did you become a breeder?

I'm not sure anymore of my original reason to become a breeder but I know I consider it a privilege to share my love of dogs and especially golden retrievers with other people.  It is so rewarding to light up someone's face with a puppy and know that I am making a difference in their life.

Why did you choose to breed Golden Retrievers?

At the time I acquired my first Golden (34 years ago!) I was heavily into obedience competition with another retriever breed, but I kept admiring the beautiful Golden Retrievers. They were not only winning but really enjoying working and performing in the ring!   I decided to foster a female Golden from Canine Vision in Oakville and absolutely fell in love with the breed. I love their intelligence, their incredible trainability and their strong desire to please.  As well, their gentle temperament and loyalty makes them wonderful family pets.

Why do you believe in pet insurance?

I always recommend my new puppy owners continue their trial enrollment with Pets+Us.  Pet insurance provides a financial resource that assists with covering the cost of medical bills.  It means being able to focus on providing the best care possible for their pet and less worry about the costs.