Big Bay Reg'd Kennel

Why did you become a breeder?

I wanted to provide families with the joy of a bringing a well bred pet into their family – just as my parents did when I was a little girl of 8 and they decided to bring our first dog a pure bred Dalmation into our family

Why did you choose to breed Portuguese Water Dogs?

I got my first PWD almost 20 years ago. I was looking specifically for a purebred non shedding/hypoallergenic breed due to allergies my son had. I wanted a great family pet, medium size and also a breed that can join with the family in any activity and one that gets along well with other dogs as well as kids. Additionally, a breed that could do a variety of formal dog sports such as obedience, water work, and agility. 

I did a thorough search for breeds and thankfully, found PWD's which at the time were not very common at all! PWDS fit all of the criteria. Over time, I became more and more involved in the breed and, after careful research and guided by my mentors, I selected my first breeding female.

Why do you believe in pet insurance?

I worked part time at a vet's office as a receptionist and it was so sad when a family could not afford the care their pet needed, and in some tragic cases, could not provide the care that would mean extending their dog's life; with insurance this need not happen.