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What are your company values?

As a team, we live out our values by striving to be a pet owner’s best friend, and by following our instincts in every way we interact with our Members.

Is Pets Plus Us dog insurance or cat insurance coverage available in the USA?

Pets Plus Us is not available in any other country. We welcome pet owners from across Canada in every province and territory. 


If you have a Pets Plus Us plan purchased in Canada, it does cover your pet for services in the United States if you are travelling with your pet.

If I make a claim, will my premiums go up?

In order to manage the risks that would jeopardize being able to make a profit, most insurance companies practice what is called Claims Risk Management or CRM. If a policyholder makes a large claim or many smaller claims, most insurance companies will want to make some “adjustments” to the policyholder’s contract. Consider what will likely happen if you have a fender bender.

Pet Health Insurance is no different when it comes to CRM. Pets Plus Us, however, is different – very different. We do NOT practice CRM. If a pet owner submits a claim, no matter how large or how many, there will be no adjustment to the premium. Not only will the premium not be increased based on claims history, the co-insurance and deductible will not be affected either. Now that’s being different!

Read Jack's story to hear about our promise from a Member's perspective.

How do I know Pets Plus Us will pay any of my claims?

Unfortunately, many people believe that insurance companies will do anything to make a profit, even if it is at the expense of the policyholder. As a result, most people expect to hear “no” when they submit a claim.


At Pets Plus Us, we are a re-imagined, re-invented pet health insurance company that strives to make pets and their owners happy every day! We do our underwriting (risk-assessment) upfront which allows you to know exactly what is or is not covered from the start. We have also made a promise to ourselves to say “yes” more than “no,” and to provide the same level of service that, we as pet owners ourselves would expect.

Will I ever get back what I pay in premiums?

Pet health insurance provides many things and can be a lifesaver – quite literally. The one thing that it is not intended to be, though, is an investment. We buy pet health insurance to ensure we can provide our pets with the very best medical and surgical care possible without having to worry about costs.


We purchase insurance to protect us against a financial crisis should the unexpected occur. We don’t buy or perceive house, liability or car insurance as investments, and we shouldn’t approach pet health insurance any differently. Most owners don’t look at pet insurance as an investment. In fact, most hope they will never need or use it, as that means their pet is healthy and happy. However, if their pet does get ill or has an accident, they know they have access to excellent and prompt medical coverage.