Pet Quote - Default Terms and Conditions

I have read and agree that:

  • All details in this application are true and complete.
  • Misrepresenting or failing to mention any fact will instantly void coverage.
  • My Pet has been enrolled in a #brand-name# pet health insurance policy, which will be underwritten to advise me of any temporary or permanent policy exclusions.
  • I will abide by the policy Terms and Conditions as specified in the #brand-name# insurance coverage User Guide.
  • Claims won't be paid directly to my veterinarian, except in the case of specially pre-approved treatments and procedures. For claim reimbursement to me, both I and my veterinarian must complete and submit claim forms to #brand-name# and provide paid receipts.

I now authorize:

  • My veterinarian to release all medical information to #brand-name#, and confirm any medical details, as required.
  • #brand-name# to advise my veterinarian of the coverage(s) I choose.
  • Pets 8+: In order to allow us to offer coverage for senior pets at the same premium as younger pets, proof of a physical exam, blood profile (with T4) and urinalysis conducted within the last 60 days must be provided upon request for pets 8 years or older (6 years or older for giant breeds). We will complete the underwriting process and send you your Welcome package following the receipt of complete records.