September is widely celebrated as National Pet Health Insurance Month by veterinarians, shelters & rescues, pet owners and insurance companies in both Canada and the USA. As less than 2% of pet owners in Canada have pet insurance, the month is intended to promote the importance of health insurance for cats and dogs, debunk the myths surrounding coverage, and introduce pet insurance to those pet owners who are not familiar with it. As pet owners, we don't like to think of our pet's getting sick or injured, but it can happen. Having pet insurance allows you to focus on what matters most - your pets - if an accident or illness does arise. 

What is pet health insurance?

Pet insurance is coverage designed to provide pet owners like you with financial protection against expensive medical costs.  By helping you deal with the cost of care, pet insurance can put you in a better position to make decisions about your pet’s medical needs without putting cost first.

With ongoing advances in the veterinary profession, there are more medical options available for treatment of accidents and illnesses today, but it all comes at a cost.  Additionally, pet owners have higher expectations for their pet’s health care and standard of living. The key is for your pet to receive treatment early and quickly enough, and for you to have the financial means to cover the cost of care.

Choosing coverage that's right for you

When shopping for pet insurance, get a quote from a few reputable providers to compare the coverage options available to you. Not all pet insurance companies are the same so ask a lot of questions in order to make an accurate comparison. To select the plan that's right for you, consider:

  • Your pet’s species – Both cats and dogs need regular veterinary care and can experience medical issues or accidents. Consider that some species (or breeds) also live longer than others requiring a different level of commitment.
  • Your pet’s breed – There may be medical conditions associated with your pet’s breed. Knowing this can help you prepare for future medical needs. When shopping around, ask each company if they make exclusions based on breed. Provided an illness isn’t preexisting, Pets Plus Us doesn’t practice breed based exclusions.
  • Your financial resources – Your ability to proactively save and be diligent about keeping up aside funds for care related to illnesses and unexpected medical situations should be considered. Ask each insurer what coverage limits exist, if any. Some insurers may have annual limits, limits for specific treatments or lifetime limits.
  • Your ability to pay for routine vet care – Consider the financial requirements to pay for the routine care your pet will need. As well, consider any previous medical issues your pet might have that may require ongoing care. Some companies, like Pets Plus Us, offer wellness plans that help manage the costs associated with routine care.
  • Value added services and add-ons available to you – Many insurance providers offer valuable products and services, such as our Blue Ribbon Benefits, in addition to pet insurance coverage. 

Veterinarians: A pet's family doctor

At Pets Plus Us, we understand the importance of the relationship you have with your veterinarian. We also appreciate the hard work being done by the amazing individuals who make up the veterinary profession. Pets Plus Us allows every pet owner to select their own veterinarian when they enroll for coverage, whether that is an individual who has been looking after the family pets for generations, or a veterinarian sought out in an emergency while travelling.

Celebrate with us

We'll be celebrating Pet Insurance Month in a number of ways throughout September: 

Trivia Tuesday

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to participate in Trivia Tuesdays throughout the month for a chance to win $25 PetSmart gift cards.

Myth Busters


There are many myths surrounding pet insurance. Visit our new Myth Busters page where Dr. Chip, our Chief Veterinary Officer, debunked the common pet health insurance myths. 

Ask Dr. Chip

Join us on Facebook on Thursday, September 25 at 7:00 p.m. to ask Dr. Chip about the pet health questions your curious about.


Visit our new testimonials page to read stories from pet owners like you! 

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