Seven Essential Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool

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We're right in the thick of summer, and with these hot and humid days, humans can find it difficult to stay cool, let alone our fur-covered friends. Luckily, there are more than a few ways to enjoy the outdoors and avoid overheating at the same time.

  1. Get up early and/or stay up late.
    One of the easiest ways to play with your pet and keep them cool is to move your outdoor time to early morning or late evening. It can be difficult to change your routine, but getting out at the cooler times of day is particularly important to protect those little paw pads from hot concrete. Reward your break from routine with a walk to get an early morning coffee or a late night ice cream. Just don’t forget a treat for your pet too!
  2. Make your home a waterpark.
    Grab a kiddie pool or sprinkler from a local store and get splashing! It might take your pet a little time to get used to the water, so don't be afraid to show them the way and jump in yourself!
  3. Head to the beach.
    Dog beaches seem to be becoming more popular, and a quick online search should point you to your closest one. Be sure to pack your own bathing suit for a fun swim with your best bud.
  4. Park it at the park.
    Find a local park with lots of grass and shade-providing trees to hang out at for a few hours. Make an afternoon of it with a book for yourself and an entertaining toy for your pet as you both enjoy a cool breeze.
  5. Get a new do.
    Summer is the perfect time for your pack to try out a new style. Set up an appointment to get a fun and breezy fur-cut for your dog to help them look and stay cool.
  6. Frozen is fun.
    Take their favourite treat-chew toy (such as a Kong), fill with water and freeze. Your pets will love licking the cool water and adding blueberries makes this an extra special chilly treat. But be warned, this can get messy in a hurry, so consider taking this activity outside.
  7. Dog licks and chill.
    When the humidity and heat get too much, use your instincts and stay inside with the air conditioning. On extreme days, it is okay to take a break from your regular active routine if it means keeping you both healthy and safe.

Try to make the most of these short and sunny months and get outside as much as you can. With a little creativity and planning on your part, you and your pet can easily enjoy an entertaining, active and cool summer.