Top 10 Pet Products For Summer

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This summer, keep your pet(s) cool, refreshed and entertained in the heat. Here are some of our favorite pet products for the summer months that your furry friends will love.

  1. Dog cooling mats filled with non-toxic gel, can help to lower your dog’s body temperature on hot summer days.
  2. Cute wear-ables can also help to keep your pet cool. Look for collars, body vests and bandanas that use regular hose water and pet-friendly mesh nylon to keep your dog or cat cool on-the-go.
  3. Pet water fountains, with their moving water flow, can entice your dog or cat to get the water they need when the temperatures rise.
  4. A portable pressurized pet shower kit will keep your pooch clean after a muddy hike and will also keep them cool in those hot summer months.
  5. A dog sport water bottle features a clip for your convenience, and controls water flow to your pup. It also saves you from having to share your water bottle on those long walks and hikes with your dog.
  6. A pet-friendly wicker bicycle basket allows you to include your pet on the bike ride. These baskets are designed to keep your pet restrained and comfortable as they take in the scenery and the breeze.
  7. A doggie splash pool in the backyard is a great way to keep your pup both cool and entertained. There are a number of style varieties from the elegant and modern, to playful and fun.
  8. A doggie life jacket is a necessity for breeds that aren’t great swimmers (such as bulldogs). With a well-fitting life jacket, your pup can jump in the lake to cool off with the rest of the pack without worry!
  9. An elevated dog bed is the perfect outdoor lounging option for your furry friend. Elevated to allow for breezy air flow, some versions also come with a rain and sun protector overhead.  
  10. Tear-resistant dog pool floats come in all shapes and sizes and allow your pooch to join in the pool family fun and keep cool.

This summer, our wish for you and your furry pals is to stay cool and have fun! How do you and your pet stay cool in the summer? Share your pics with us on Instagram @PetsPlusUs