Pet Etiquette for Including Dogs in Summer Activities

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The summer season offers plenty of opportunities to involve your furry family members in special outings and activities. It also means that pet etiquette is more important than ever. Bad behaviour could cause your pet’s invitation to next year’s summer soirée to end up “lost in the mail.” No matter where you and your pet spend time this summer, proper etiquette and good manners are always appreciated.

Summer Style

Taking a trip to the salon before you travel to your vacation destination? Don’t forget about your pet! Make an appointment at your local groomer or have a DIY spa day at home before you leave. Either way, your travel companions will appreciate the extra effort you’ve taken to make your pet look (and smell) their best!

House(guest) Rules

Most people don’t appreciate company that shows up unannounced. If your pet is tagging along on a trip, make sure you clear it with the host first. You never know if some of the other guests have allergies or a fear of animals.

When you stay at a friend’s home, it’s your responsibility to make sure your pet behaves politely. Before hitting the road, make sure they have a good handle on the basic obedience commands.

If you have a dog, they should be housebroken and trained to relieve him or herself outside. If you’re travelling with a cat, check your local pet store for disposable litter boxes. Your host will appreciate the courtesy, and it will save you the embarrassment of having to clean a mess in your friend’s home.

The Suite Life

Not all hotels are pet-friendly. Ask about the hotel’s pet policies before you make a reservation. You can also call ahead to find out what types of pet amenities are included.

The last thing you want to do is disturb the guests in the next room (or down the hall if your dog is a particularly passionate barker). To prevent your pooch from disturbing other guests, take them outside often for a change of scenery. The fresh air will be good for both of you and will prevent them from becoming stir-crazy.

You should also be considerate of the hotel and housekeeping staff. Keep food and water bowls in the bathroom so that spills and other messes can be easily cleaned up. For pets that like bedtime cuddles, bring your pet’s favourite blanket or a large towel with you when you stay anywhere overnight. That way their hair will end up on the blanket and not on the sheets.


You don’t need to skip town to enjoy the events of the season! Summer means barbeques, relaxing poolside, and participating in outdoor activities. Needless to say, some of your neighbours may not appreciate their plans getting interrupted by an excessive barker. Give your neighbours a break by taking your dog on a walk to relieve stress.

Speaking of walking, there are some things to keep in mind when you take a stroll through your neighbourhood with your pup. Don’t let your dog walk on other people’s lawns and make sure to clean up any mess they leave behind if an accident does happen.

On the Town

If you’re lucky enough to have a pet-friendly establishment in your neighbourhood like an outdoor café, remember to be respectful of other customers. You don’t want your dog to beg for table scraps or bark for attention. Before you show up to lunch with Fido, call ahead to ask whether the establishment allows pets.

As you can see, it’s easy to practice proper etiquette while still making the most out of the dog days of summer. We hope these strategies help you make your summer days easy-breezy!