How to Make an Elevated Pet Bowl Stand

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This simple DIY elevated pet bowl stand will not only keep your pet’s eating area tidy with fewer spills, but it will help accent your kitchen because it looks great!

Also, by making your own pet bowl stand, it allows you to customize it to suit your pet’s needs, especially if they have a physical condition like added weight or arthritis, or are tall (think Greyhound or Great Dane)

Here’s what you will need (feel free to make adjustments for your pet’s size):

  • Wood. We used 6-inch-wide x 14-inch long knotty pine.
  • Mitre Saw – optional (your local hardware store should be able to cut pieces to the size you need).
  • Jigsaw.
  • Wood glue.
  • Nail gun – optional.
  • Measuring tape, or ruler and pencil.
  • Sand paper.
  • Pet food bowls.
  • Wood stain & sealer.


Pet DIY - Elevated bowl stand
  1. Cut your pieces of wood. The top piece of our ‘kitty bowl’ stand measured at about 14-inches in length, and we cut two pieces 3-inches in length for the legs. *Note: As an option, you can cut the ends of these pieces on a 45-degree angle to provide a cleaner and more modern look.

  2. Measure out where you want your bowls to sit. Flip your pet’s bowls over and trace the outer edge with a pencil.

  3. Draw an inner pencil line about ¼ inch in each of your circles - this will be your cutting line.

    Pet DIY - Elevated bowl stand materials
  4. Using a jigsaw, cut along your inner circle to cut out each hole. *Note: You can double check the fit by placing in a pet bowl and make any cut or sanding adjustments accordingly.

  5. Sand your boards to make sure there are no sharp edges, and everything is primed for staining.

  6. Glue your legs to the bottom of the top board and let dry. Use a nail gun for additional security and support (optional).

  7. Stain and protect your stand. Let dry for 48 hrs., and wipe clean before use.

  8. Place bowls in your elevated stand. It’s ready for your pet’s food and water!

    Pet DIY - Elevated bowl stand wooden stain

    We added some wood strips for a finished edge look on one of our stands to make it look a little dressed up, but feel free to get creative! Using a funky paint colour or stain, different wood pieces, or added hardware are a great way to personalize the stand and make it your own. Have fun!

Pet DIY - Elevated bowl stand for cat

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