We all have our expectations of what dog ownership will look like. A rousing game of fetch in the backyard. A leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood.

Of course, the reality often looks a bit…different. That’s what makes dog ownership such an exciting adventure!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?


EXPECTATION: You’ll walk your dog twice a day.

REALITY: Your dog will walk you twice a day.


EXPECTATION: You won’t treat your dog like a child.

REALITY: You now have more photos of your dog on your phone than of your own human children.


EXPECTATION: You’ll never let your dog sleep in your bed.  

REALITY: Your dog has picked out his own spot in your bed and even hogs the blankets most nights. Well, at least he’ll provide some extra warmth on those chilly nights!


EXPECTATION: You worry your dog might have separation anxiety when left home alone.

REALITY: You have separation anxiety when your dog is left home alone.


EXPECTATION: You’ll share photos of your new puppy with a small group of friends on social media.

REALITY: Not only is your dog all over social media, but she also has her own Instagram profile and more followers than you!


EXPECTATION: “Clothing for dogs? Seems a little silly.”

REALITY: “Clothing for dogs? Why yes! Let me show you my pet’s closet filled with the latest in canine couture.”


EXPECTATION: Your dog’s toy basket is filled with the latest gadgets in pet play technology.

REALITY: Your dog’s favourite toy is a stick. That’s right, just an ordinary stick.


EXPECTATION: You won’t talk about your dog all the time.

REALITY: You always have an adorable anecdote at the ready and an album full of dog photos on your phone for illustrative purposes.


EXPECTATION: A dog is man’s best friend.

REALITY: A human is a dog’s best friend.


EXPECTATION: “My lab is four years old. He’ll probably start to calm down soon.”

REALITY: “My lab is eight years old. Will he ever calm down!?!”


EXPECTATION: Veterinary waiting rooms will give your dog anxiety.

REALITY: Veterinary waiting rooms give you anxiety.


EXPECTATION: You’ll never spoil your dog. Nope, never.

REALITY: Your dog sleeps on a luxurious pet bed with the softest cushions their paws have ever felt. Meanwhile, you’re sleeping on an old, worn-out mattress.


EXPECTATION: Your dog will become a member of your family.

REALITY: You will become your dog’s family.


While the reality may look different than what you initially expected, it’s the unexpected twists and turns in your dog ownership story that make the best memories. When you stop to think about it, dog ownership might be the wildest adventure you and your family will ever embark on!