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*Please note, that this is page is not intended to address pet emergencies, but rather general pet questions. If your pet is currently experiencing symptoms of an illness or has had an accident, please visit your regular veterinary practice if open, or your nearest veterinary emergency clinic for assistance. 

About Dr. Chip

Dr. Chip Coombs is Pets Plus Us’ Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), and has practiced veterinary medicine since 1976, initially in the United Kingdom, then in Western Canada and, finally, in Toronto, where he owned a multi-veterinarian practice for 33 years.


Hi Dr. Chip,

I have a 3 year old chocolate lab who often gets dandruff near his hindquarters close to his tail. I feed him raw food as well as salmon oil, but that doesn't seem to get rid of the condition. In addition, because his food is very moist he doesn't drink a lot of water. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Is there anything you would suggest?




Hi RJ,

Based on your description it sounds like your lab has seborrhea sicca, which is basically dandruffy skin. It is common and may or may not have secondary issues of bacterial or fungal infection. Your veterinarian could confirm that one way or the other. If there are secondary issues, then you'll need to incorporate drugs into the mix. There are a variety of things to try. Firstly, I would stop the salmon oil and get a liquid form of omega fatty acids (OFA) from your veterinarian. Liquids are better than capsules, as they have a higher concentration of OFA's. That alone may solve the problem, but if not, there are topical sprays ( humectants ) that will help moisturize the skin. There are also special shampoos and conditioners for seborrhea sicca. As a last resort, you may want to change her diet.

Hope this helps,


Dr. Chip



I have a 13 year old min pin. He started limping about a year ago. He has difficulty jumping up on the sofa and he yelps when our other dog bumps him.

Our Vet put him on Metacam and Glucosamine but nothing has changed except now he hacks from the Metacam.

I’m on CBD oil for my pain and THC at night for sleep. Can I give him my oil and if so how much?



Hi Laurie,

Firstly, veterinarians are severely restricted in what they can discuss about the use of cannabinoids with pet owners and so my comments can only be general. Firstly, there is presently very limited research to provide the veterinary profession with any strong evidence as the efficacy of CBD ( or any of the other 113 cannabinoids ) in dogs or cats and whether there are any side effects- short or long term. Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, the research landscape should change quickly and different possible therapeutic usages will no doubt come to light. No true dosages of CBD in dogs has yet definitely been determined and so I am really unable to help you on either front.

It certainly sounds like your dog has hind end arthritis and there are many products available and if one isn't effective, then there are many others; e.g. a large number of NSAIDS ( of which Metacam is but one ), oral supplements ( glucosamine is but one example and these are NOT drugs and so only 80% of them even meet their label claims ) as well as injectable joint protectants such as Adequan and Cartrophen. All these products are safe and effective when used under the direction of your veterinarian, whereas with CBD, we really don't yet know.


Dr. Chip