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About Dr. Chip

Dr. Chip Coombs is Pets Plus Us’ Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), and has practiced veterinary medicine since 1976, initially in the United Kingdom, then in Western Canada and, finally, in Toronto, where he owned a multi-veterinarian practice for 33 years.


Dear Dr Chip,

I have two 6 year old cats who have been with me since they were kittens. Almost a year ago I introduced a 5 year old dog into the mix. I introduced them slowly over a period of a few weeks. They tolerate each other pretty well except for the occasional hiss if the dog gets too close during meal times. They just seem to give each other space and don’t interact too much. Is there something I can do to encourage them to be better friends or is tolerance the best I can hope for?

Thank you,




Hi Clark,

Based on the protocol that you outlined to make the three siblings as compatible as possible, I don't believe there is anything more you could have done during the acclimatization period, or now. In an ideal world, we think our pets will be the closest of friends, but in reality they can be a lot like people and even we need our own space. After a year, I suspect that what you see is how it will be going forward and it sounds like relatively good harmony - which is a bonus, for often it is not!

Well done!


Dr. Chip