Like with human healthcare, breakthroughs in veterinary medicine continue to advance. With the ideal financial resources, most pet medical conditions and injuries are treatable – especially when caught early enough. But most of us don’t have unlimited financial resources to be able to provide our pets with the veterinary medical attention they need to prevent, respond to, and treat what life brings on. Even if we do have the savings, credit or income to take on these costs, they may not be available to at the time our pet becomes ill or injured.

Research over the past decade has shown that most pets will develop at least one serious medical condition at some point in their lifetime. When this happens, a responsible pet parent needs to be prepared to finance the cost of their pet's treatment, recovery and ongoing maintenance. That’s where pet insurance comes in. With Pets Plus Us pet insurance coverage, a pet owner doesn’t need to hesitate before calling their veterinary practice – no matter how seemingly mild, or serious, their pet’s illness may be. All Pets Plus Us policies are underwritten at the time of purchase, so you always know what’s covered and what’s not. No surprises.